Lean 101 Course


Product Description

Lean 101: Continuous Improvement in Fab Labs, Makerspaces and Startups

As the making community grows into larger, more structured organizations with complex initiatives and startups move beyond prototypes to production, new challenges are surfacing.  Luckily, to help with your growing pains, there’s LEAN!

Also known as Continuous Improvement, LEAN methodology is rooted in 19th century Japan’s textile industry. Today, this people-centric collection of principles and tools is used to create stable processes that produce consistently high quality products and services, while also creating an engaged team operating in a collaborative environment.

Lean 101 is a one-day hands-on workshop that will introduce makers, fab lab/makerspace managers, startup founders and entrepreneurs to methods for improving time to market, production cost and product quality through a simulated, hands-on making exercise.  Our instructors are LEAN gurus of the first rank.  Joe Rizzo, CEO of Lean is Green, previously ran factories for GE when the legendary  Jack Welsh was CEO and Scott Gauvin, CEO of Macresco, focuses on creating high performing, humanistic workplaces.

In the Lean 101 course you will:

  • Learn LEAN principles and their impact on organizations and gain practical experience deploying the fundamental LEAN concepts
  • Understand how to scale without compromising craftsmanship
  • Experience new ways to cost effectively manage your resources
  • See and cut costs resulting from bad habits or “just in case” thinking
  • Use Lean thinking to improve collaboration and problem solving skills, creating a more engaged team
  • Learn how to identify and remove unnecessary, costly and/or time-consuming redundant steps from your process
  • Experience the metrics that have the biggest impact on customer or contributor value.
  • Understand how organization-wide improvement increases efficiency and thus reduces costs
  • Learn how to reduce administrative “paperwork” issues

Target Participants: Founders, managers and staff
Number of Participants: 22
Date & Time: Wednesday March 29 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.